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Donnerstag 19.12.2013 MBF Tresen

MBF Tresen @ Vetomat

20.12.-21.12.2013 Sidelab Varieté # the Pilot – Party @ Naherholung Sternchen Berlin

Kaometry is glad to present the next teknoparty in Berlin, with his brothers Knuckle Up and XTractor

For the longest Night of the year, come for some Cabaret, Music, Performances, Exhibition, Projection and Karaoke, the whole spread on 3 Floors.

The theme of this party is the well known and beloved Twin Peaks. To be fully immerse in the atmosphere, dressing up is recommended.
There is enough characters in Twin Peaks for everyone of us!


___the Waiting Room___
::Knuckle Up Cabaret Floor::

Knuckle up All stars / The one and only DIY Renegade Show
Sing or Die Karaoke
“if you dont know it you better ask somebody”

__the White Lodge____
::Kaometry Floor::

Ixindamix (Electro Techno / Spiral Tribe Audiotrix – FR)

Enkephalin (Glitch Hop – Sons Of Beat Records / Kaometry – BE )

Gore Tech (Breakcore – Ad Noiseam / Peace off – UK)

TaOuch (Idm Hardcore – Kaometry – DE)

TekkaDan / Stoerformat / Dynamike (Hardtek Hardcore – Attacked Hakke23 – DE)!.free_mind

Tato (Pandead records / Industrial Jazz – DE)

___the Black Lodge__
::XTractor Floor::

Mr Freex (Jungle – DnB – Maschup- ZnootPoch / Jungle Therapy – IT)

Zim ( DnB – Bassvergleich / HellDrop – DE)

Traum A (DarkBreaks – Xtractor – DE)

S.T.H. (DnB – Xtractor – COL)

Eviltrust (Old School Jungle – Neuromantic violations – DE)

Beat-xo (Dubstep – Smash Beats – HellDrop – COL)

Kakita (XTractor – COL)

Kaometry artworks
Destroy Trash

find here the facebook event

all digital graphics made by Destroy Trash

Starts at midnight! (20.12.: 24h / 21.12.: 0 o‘clock.)

Naherholung Sternchen
Berolinastraße 7
10178 Berlin / Mitte