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Thanks a lot to you – be with us

Thanks a lot to all of you who partied with us „Musik braucht Freiräume“ MBF SOLIPARTY in ZGK last saturday night.

It was a amazing party with lots of positive energy, great music and especially all you – guests with smiling faces!!!!!
Big thank you to all the musicians who played for soli!
Big thank you to all the people who helped us organizing before and during the party – this makes MBF possible!
Great Job!
Big Thank you to the Vetomat for the after hour location and to the ZGK/Scharni itself!
Also big thank you for the refugees garderobe!

Now we will start to prepare the main „Musik Braucht Freiräume“ demonstration and party at June 21.
And you make that possible.

Musik braucht Freiräume is a nonprofit independent project – a free association of sound-/art-/politicalactive and motivated people. We want to draw attention to the citizens of Berlin about the changing situations and decreasing possibilities which prevent a free creative developement in the music and artist scene. We are looking forward to this big MBF event – to demonstrate and celebrate with all of you!

„Musik braucht Freiräume“ is alive! Have in mind MBF is a voluntary capacity. If you want to help, support and enrich the day June21 you are welcome, we always need motivated people! Get in contact with us!

Lets show berlin we are here – we are awake and we will go forward!