Invitation 2015 « Musik Braucht Freiräume – MBF – Berlin – **

Invitation 2015

This friday is Musik braucht Freiräume – Tresen!!! We warmly invite you
to come to this evening!!! Its more or less the last Tresen before the
Fete de la Musique in Berlin takes place. On this day, we wanna
celebrate with all of you and we still need support to make this event
possible!!!! Our focus is still to show berlin that we: Soundactivists/
Artists/ Political Actives--the free Subculture from Berlin--is alive
and that we resist against all commercialize shit of any kind of
expression of art and lifestyle!! That we are against the gentrification
prozess which tries to expulse us from our places in the inner city and
that we fight for our alternative way of life!!!!
Its our 6. MBF-Event now. We wanna start in the afternoon with music/
performance and speeches and continue with a massive nightdemonstration
from Fhain to Xberg. There will be a free afterparty!!!!! Infos about
the places will come soon!!!!
For all of this we need motivated people which help us during the
day/demo and night. For all berliner refugees come with your ideas, lets
connect eachother--stay together--get united!!!! For all berliner
projects which fight for their existence come with your contributions!
There will be more evenings in follow to connect each other. stay tuned!!!