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Thx to all who were involved

Many thanks to all who are with us!
Every year it’s a real huge, not only logistic, work we have to do together.
So this year we‘re especially very thankful to our comrades, the mighty crew, musicians, artists, moderation, drivers, küfa, pizza, technicians, soundtech, lighttech, security-helpers, speakers, runners, lawyers, counselors, aides, allys, assistants and all other helpers, supporters and people and all solidaric persons all the way long through the preparations, through the day, evening and night. Thank you so much. You are the greatest.
For all of us, our supporters and helpers therefore we will make a special after-meeting, with much free stuff for you. So be lucky.


Speeches will be documented shortly after we got them. As u can see then under speeches:


First after-statement about the night

Against mastery, repression and against false approach

Otherwise we don‘t like to hear that there were problems with the police aside. The police has to stay out of our manifestations (by law). And it’s not nice when something like that happens. But it wasn‘t happening inside. Well there was no aggressive action on our demo and no reaction by others. So, on the other hand we don‘t feel responsible for that and we don‘t want to overreact or to go into false response. But you have to know that we want everybody, especially the police and other organs of the executive part of so called democrazy, to take care and not to react disproportional against harmless people, even maybe youngsters, who maybe just did a joke, anywhere. At first for us it’s important that the police stays out of our manifestation, so that people aren‘t disturbed and that people are not going mad and that they don‘t appear daunting or provoking on us or other people. But yesterday evening-night, there was something else, nothing really happening in our demo, but seemingly directly near to it. We only can say that we were not informed about anything else going on in the city – – except the good organized actions from the Center For Political Beauty, which we really appreciate, for human rights and human dignity(!) – – before the day and that we knew of nothing really, coz our action is standing for itself. So when on the streets many people told us suddenly totally different stories. You must know for such cases that we aren‘t and that we don‘t wanna be in that kind organized too be too spontaneausly (in that night), with a well prepared demo for it’s own, which takes long time and hard hard work on it. So you must know; we don‘t have a permanent „Lauti“ for reason, coz the music and the dancing and other creative things should be our expression of protest and some well planned speeches. So we don‘t want it that we have to react on every fart happening as main organisation, even if it’s direct in front of us. We expect people to do it by themselves, if they know what to do. Coz we don‘t want to be stopped with what we are doing and what we have planned by noone, may it be from autoritarians, nore by kinds of force structures we‘re against, or by naive careless behavior or false attidude. Nevertheless we don‘t exactly know what was happening, what has happened and we better don‘t want to know, too exactly, u know, as we don‘t want to evaluate or to review every piss-up. So we only can say on all of that; go and prepare yourself, make your own projects, organize you-r-selves and your actions before you do anything (lightheaded/frivolous) – and never forget – do it yourself! And there were a lot of cool things, we heared and read later about, happening in that night. So if persons or groups like to react on such things in another way, it’s their right in our eyes and we are maybe critically but basically solidaric with that, but it’s not our thing and especially not of the mbf-demo-orga and the people and other things we‘re responsible for.
Coz it cost a lot of work, energy, power, nerves and so on, u know, to organize all this and not everybody is in the same condition or wants to do like others do in the same moment, u know… We hope you understand, else it’s ur own problem.
So if people come then to us and ask us to do something for them, it’s sadly like everywhere, we cannot react to spontaneously on everything. Even more problematic if we don‘t know each other before and if we don‘t know whom to trust. Coz u know that some things like that caused often a lot of more trouble for all. Even we are not prepared with our technix for every political scenery happening around and what’s even more important, we‘re not responsible and we don‘t want to be! Coz it’s not our kind of free (being) culture, of real self-organization – what we try, as very important message, not only for us (we keep up the principe of hope, after bloch, u know), to transport to the public. But some kinds of shouting call after strong help on us even reminds us of wrong believes in dominant hierarchy and leadership and other bad political attitudes, u know what we mean. We are no leaders and there should be no dumb followers. Think and act for yourselves, alone and everytime, especially sometimes much better organized in base democratic groups. There shouldn‘t be a please for that necessary.
Our demo is planned over one year in a collective group. Everybody who goes with our goals is invited to take part and to prepare everything together. But we keep the exception to say yes or no with consent, differences or dissent, as base democratic methods, u know. So please show some more respect to the work, (of the) free and international musicians, artists – who came a long long way – and politics of it. Even more if you think that you are political. They try to make the world a present.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Everybody who wants to discuss that or to organize with us is also very welcome and invited to get in contact with us. We can/may meet and speak about nearly everything. So if you want to organize it better with us, then please, come early to our meetings and just do it. There will be postprocessing meetings. And u know, postprocessing is processing and preparation for the next one… So tell us. Thank you.