Collection of images « Musik Braucht Freiräume – MBF – Berlin – **

Collection of images


Great that so many people did spontaneously come with us, came to our manifestation, the demo and the later soliparty of friends.

Thank you that you helped us thereby to create a great imagination, expression of free music, culture and arts.

But if you made any photos or videos, please tell us, put them into a dropbox or somewhere, like on vimeo, imgur, imageshack or whatever and send us the links. If you like also anonymously, it’s all welcome. We‘re going to sort them then and maybe use or show some of them on the blog or somewhere else if it’s ok for u. Also we won‘t show anything without retouching.

So we please all not to put any pictures anywhere, in the internet, not on faceshit or myshit which show people directly from the front nor the faces. Respect the right of the own picture (in law here). Thx for respect.