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Carlo soliparty in Köpi tonight

„The two collectives (Concrete Cosmos and M.L.) and all the artists invited, want to sustain together and support ongoing struggles (No Muos movement in Sicily) and those who still hurt and suffer their lives because of the facts happened at the G8 Genova 2001.

We are going to collect money which will be directly given to both the people involved and some associations in Rome (
in english: and in Sicily (direct sustain to the militants of NoMuos at the protest camp in Niscemi).

We want to celebrate them with many supporting artists for a world without repression!

(Artists list below▼)

Infos about :

The No Muos movement is an heterogeneous entity born in 2009 with the
first protests of the local citizens of Niscemi, a small town in the
center of Sicily. The reason is the installation of a potentially
dangerous military telecommunication system, the M.U.O.S.,[…] inside a protected natural area far 5 km from Niscemi. Beside the violation of the […] environment[…] there are several [other] serious
risks […]. This struggle is ideally closer to the actual protests against the
wargames [drill] started in the beginning of october by NATO [troops, incl. germany] in the land and sea
of Italy, Spain and Portugal ([the so called] Trident Juncture 2015).

What happened in Genova (IT) 14 years ago is something disgusting, horrible, and unacceptable for all the social system,
the istitutions and the people that live in this society.
From the police repression, the government and media acts, and the un-justice in the tribunals after those facts.
Carlo Giuliani, boy of 23 years old, killed by a shot in the head by a italian police officer. Nobody paid for this, nobody will understand this.
The only thing we understand is that it’s inacceptable to die at 23 for take part of demostration in a civil country.
Don‘t care if Carlo was guilty or not, the representatives of the State cannot kill in this way, for this no-reason.
With this soliparty we want to remember Carlo, all the people beaten , subjugated , harassed and violated and all that are still in jail or have been in that day.



► IXINDAMIX [ Audiotrix – SP23 ] ◉


► MUGEN [ Mental Alchemist Sicily ] ◉

► YAYA [ Cyberrise Sound ] ◉

► ZAPPALA‘ [ Zaplanet – Mongolfiere Libere ] ◉

► 7thSENSE [ Trinacria ] ◉

► KAOSLOG+MEETYA [ Amiantour 1.0 ] ◉

► ANALOG TOUCH [ Konik Polny+Suit Kei ] ◉

► ARI NEV ◉ [ O.T.S. – Concrete Cosmos]

► AEKRE ◉ [ Concrete Cosmos]


► NERV ◉

► D!NAMIK ◉ [Grundfrequenz]

BodY PerFormAncE :

► Black Bijou ◉

LiVe PaiNtinG :

► Vasco Bz ◉

► Kemp ◉

► Emmegi Olindo ◉

► Oscar Rey ◉

LiVe VIsUaLs

► Guinea Pigs ◉

►► 16 KW Soundsystem powered by Yaya 23

+ KüFa/InFo StaNd/DoCu ScreEning“

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