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30.1. Fraktur Soli Event @ ZGK

„Samstag, 30.01.2016
22.00 Uhr
ZGK: Soli-Party
„Fraktur“ – Soli-Party For Paying Soli-Rents. Join us on the deep dark night of January 30th 2016 and help us finance soli-rooms around Berlin.
22:00 Doors open.
23:00 Live PA acts: „Laberouk“ (Experimental, Collage, Avantpop, Psychotronics), Knifeloop“ (Experimental, Live-Sampling, Improvised Noise), PS Stamps Back“ (Dark Rhythmic Drones).
00:30 DJ sets: Jason Bakey (Techno, Acid Techno), Prinzess-o-mat (Techno).“



Join us on the deep dark night of January 30th and help us raise money to finance Soli-Rooms around Berlin.

///// 22:00 Doors

///// 23:00 Live PA acts:
-----Laberouk (experimental / collage / avantpop / psychotronics)
-----kNiFeLoOp (experimental / live-sampling / improvised noise)
-----ps stamps back (dark rhythmic drones)

///// 00:30 DJ sets:
-----Jason Bakey (techno / acid techno)
-----Prinzess-o-mat (techno)


Laberouk (Live)
experimental / collage / avantpop / plunderphonics / psychotronics

Laberouk comes from the depths of the DIY scene of Athens, Greece. He uses a language which almost derives from psychoanalytic automatism, creating audiovisual and textual collages, unique combinations of sounds, words and concepts that range from distant to soothing.


kNiFeLoOp (Live)
experimental / live-sampling / improvised noise

Experimenting with any mix of receivers and self-built mini transmitters; reel-to-reel tape machine loop or relay set ups, manipulated field recordings, self-made devices, amplified objects and magnetic fields as well as other more traditional instruments and voice.


ps stamps back (Live)
live / dark rhythmic drones

ps stamps back produces music and negativity, obsessively, for quite a long time. His depressive and claustrophobic sounds have been released in various small and DIY labels. His own label 1000+1 TiLt has been releasing works from other navigators of despair like Anal Vissi, C-drík, ID, Waldrand, mono.tonik, Bryan Saunders, Olecranon.


Jason Bakey (dj set)
techno / acid techno

Febril techno steam generator, fluent commander of all shades of doom. For some years now he’s been organizing the notorious Boiler Doom parties in Athens, for those who look for their sonic nemesis on dark and hazy dancefloors, in smoke-filled rooms or on sun-drenched beaches.


Prinzess-o-mat (dj set)

Member of the ‚Procrastinators United‘ collective which organizes solidarity techno parties in Berlin.

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