Scheffi*Soli*12/03/2016 « Musik Braucht Freiräume – MBF – Berlin – **



Blac Blob Orchestar * Synthikollektiv, Liveset
Peggy Peng und „Bend“ * Konzertperformance
Fake Mistress * Performance & Liveset
Unschnell * Liveset
TraumA * exp. Kammermusikkonzert mit Breakcore
Darkam * Breakcore, Liveset
Del_F64.0 * Apocalyptic space core, Liveset
Netzte aus Wasser * Performance

Villa Kuriosum
Scheffelstraße 21
s+U Frankfurter Allee

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discussion at 7pm with c.f. from datacide (praxis) about repression against the travellers movement in gb (england) and with f.e. from the institute of nomadology about nomadic protest forms and occupation of public spaces.