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MBF program at rome – 15.-17. april 2016

Starts friday 15th april at ZK (zero kontrol) squat rome ostia


Dinner, informal meeting about – our agenda of – free (more than sub)culture, music, art and politics, Musik braucht Freiraeume (MBF) & political talk (discussion) about kinds of (alternative/left) protest forms with other activists and performers and anyone who likes to join in (with little exceptions)

artists / bands
* Deads All, Folks
* Cockroaches
* Terrorist Bengala Party
* Djs-selecta punkrockabilly-psychobilly-rock’n’roll-trash

Infocorner from MBF and others, political stuff, alternative merch, zines, books, lp’s, cd’s, praxis and artists

Saturday 15th April
Live-Screenprint on your Shirt/ or bring your shirts or something like this….
Infopoint of L’Idea (anarchist library)
Painting freestyle

Teknoparty + Visualshow
* kns & zk dj_ane’s
* MBF dj_ane’s
* YAYA23
* Re;not
* CRASH 0.1. a.k.a. Mr. DAMNED
* fab (space invaders)

* Cyper
* Kiratraum
* Deck
* Zbog

Live streaming on free underground teknoradio

cool selfmade lemonade serve chilled


and much more
cya there!

Sunday 16th april
autonomous market
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