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27.5.16 MBF-Tresen

mbf tresen 24.5.2016 vetomat

Less than one month left to our biiiig celebration of the Fete de la Musique… also this year, on the 21th of June, we will take the streets to scream that music needs free spaces. Local politics are trying to kill any kind of free expression, especially of alternative lifestyles. A lot of spaces are at risk and threatened everyday, just because they should leave space to a new fancy building for rich people (luxury to all or none)… The music industry and business, on the other side, help with making music always more elitist and just another product on the market, as any other product, another victim of the capitalistic system rules.
But if the system and so called guarantors leave us no spaces, then we will take the streets!!!
And you are all welcome to join us, with your sound system, small handwagon, bycicles, your instruments, your voices, whatever… the louder, the better!!!
shit on music industry, shit on gema, shit on gentrification, abolish capitalism!!

27.05.2016// Vetomat
Informal meeting for people/crews which wanna support or take part in the street parade on the 21st of june.
Aperitif + Finger Food
9pm Concert of a free travelling musician & rapper/ political hiphopstuff
freetekno music afterwards
until 1am.

No dogs. No other animals. Thx.

To continue the friday night we propose the „2Many Without Home TeknoSoliparty“ at Kulturhaus Kili (https://www.facebook.com/events/1749638855273890/) Wiesenweg 5.

Stay tuned.