Registration process of MBF Demo 2016 « Musik Braucht Freiräume – MBF – Berlin – **

Registration process of MBF Demo 2016

the discussions about the route in this year are going forward.
we had different starting options, places, spaces, four possible routes and three possible endings and we are still talking about the numbers of the wagons and stuff this year.
in the next week we will meet again to make it probably fix.
but we cannot say yet all exactly what will be before the negotiation with the police office of berlin.

so stay tuned and watch out for more infos here coming soon!

still it is possible for groups and people to join us in the action. but you have to be fast if you want to do an own truck or soundsystem thing or artistical thing or sth else. so just contact us and be invited to our meetings (plenum).
it’s still all punkrockstyle.

so far.