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Hell oh

…after is before… u know.

We hope you all had a wonderful night!
As we enjoyed it a lot to be with you dancing on the streets!
It was a good demo-parade until something seemingly happened after we came down mainzer street.

So what we did not please were some other bad influences and circumstances as the arrests at the edge of boxhagener street to gardeners street.
Therefore we will make a meeting in the next days and review at first internal what was good, what not, what was wrong, what happened, what we could have done before, what we can do now, what we have to change, what we can do in another way or/and if we want to do so or/and how we can get be prepared better in the future or/and what kind of help we would need or want to ask whom for and what we won‘t let be done anymore or in another way.

We please everybody who is an eyewitness of something/anything bad, what was going on, to write us a letter/normal mail (no email, no phone) and give it to us or to come along.
If you want to support us or be with us, then come to our next open meetings. We will publish the dates here. For critics we are also open, but please be constructive (aim-oriented). Thanks a lot.

If you got anything important in a case of justice for us please contact directly our lawyer: www.anwaltfuerstrafsachen.de
Rechtsanwalt Ulrich Kerner
Magdeburger Platz 2
10785 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 262 20 23
Fax: 030 – 262 96 74

Thank you!

If you got troubles with the police; visit the legal team berlin to get help: https://ea-berlin.net/
„Ermittlungsausschuss Berlin
Gneisenaustraße 2a, 2. Hinterhof rechts, 1. OG rechts
10961 Berlin
immer Dienstags von 20 bis 22 Uhr“

Or the RH in:
„Infoladen Daneben (Friedrichshain)
jeden 2. & 4. Montag 18 bis 19 Uhr
Liebigstraße 34
10247 Berlin“

We also appreciate if everybody reads first our important consensus of nonviolence during the demo, before doing anything risky, for everybody, at that time. Thx!