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Soli benefit in january in Köpi – NoMuos | NoBorders

28. january 2017
benefit performance
open debate with local activists
in the rooms of köpi 137 bln
with afterparty in köpi teknocellar

supporting acts:
* les enfants sages (live)
* les boucles etrages (live)
* base force one (live)
* aekre lehu (live)
* darkam (live)
* grindmasterflesh (live)
* chantal
* ari nev


benefit for the activists associations which are fighting for the freedom of movement of migrants in ventimiglia
- no borders -
and lampedusa
- associazione askavusa -
for the dismantling of the muos station in sicily which provokes death and health danger […]
the muos station controls most of the military communications […] in the key scenario of the mediterranean area.
we are solidal to the fight of local activists fighting for their right to live in a territory free from militarisation, border control and racism against migrants.
during the last year many of the activists of the no muos and no border movement had to face repression. in terms of court appeals and high legal costs.
we do not want to collect only money but also awareness here in berlin inviting the activists of the two movements in köpi.
there will be the chance for an open debate workshop where information may be shared by each other on how the wave of repression may be faced in the heart of the capitalistic centre fortress eu europe, as well as its so called borders.

check the blogs below for more infos and updates maybe coming soon:
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