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1.2. MBF meets „Fete“ – discussion meeting

First of february 2017
MBF meets „Fete“n-orga…
We are invited to an internal discussion meeting between the local so called „fete“ orga members from the so called „Fete de la musique“ and our old main crew staff. The „feten“ people wish us to „work“ together. But we do not like „work“ in a capitalistic way, but in another way of free life and living. So, we will give clear statements about what we stand for, why we are doing this, what we want and what it is good for, nothing else. After that we hope that even the last of the remaining not knowing has to know what it is all about. Make anticapitalism great again. ;) For free people in free associations.
We will give further information about what’s coming along apart from and out of that.
So stay tuned, as forever.
Yours truly – music needs free and open spaces