16. WebTeK 2020 march 20.-22. live online « Musik Braucht Freiräume – MBF – Berlin – *www.mbf.space*

16. WebTeK 2020 march 20.-22. live online

In times when real gatherings get harder and harder it’s time for some online rave…

10years of WebTeK – 3days live online freetekno festival from 20. to 22. march 2020

:::: https://webtek.live ::::

France live -> https://webtek.live/fr (FTKradio, Fanat3k)
Athens live -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBpWI5-vN70 (Kaostar Undernet)

about „webtek“ live virtual teknival, see: https://github.com/fabriziosalmi/webtek/blob/master/README.md

„The WebTeK is the most popular free tekno streaming event with live dj* sessions from all over the world.

WebTeK is 100% free and open to all artists, sounds, hackers and aliens!

This event is powered by Fanat3k Radio, Free Underground Tekno, HappyFaceFamily and friends since 2010. […]

Next event, WEBTEK 16

WHAT? WEBTEK => 16th edition, 10 years birthday
WHEN? 20-21-22 / 03 / 2020
WHERE? Everywhere
WHO? Everybody

Powered by

Free Underground Tekno
Fanat3k Radio
Freakbeats TeknoRadio
BPM Resistance
ISD Crew


we wish you many more good years!

tomorrow live streaming from berlin
on the YT channel of STUDIO STABIL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0frwaGnar5YWFYaHLWlp6g

YT channel of YAYA23: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZOYUiFg86tTmicNlQbtS-w

Solidarity in times of Covid19:
Please donate for the case of studio stabil at disconnect store.

And here is the club society of berlin standing together online: https://www.unitedwestream.berlin/