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Resampling The Future

„Christoph Fringeli set as #07 in the Series 20-30 Resampling The Future curated by Herr Kartina playing right now (7-8pm) on Radio Forte if you want to tune in. Will be repeated tomorrow 11pm . also already up on, so you can enjoy it any time:

Quelle: Datacide telegram channel/ newsgroup, @datacide, (31.01.2021, 19:35h).


The future is unwritten.
Let’s write it.

30.01.2021⚡️ Potse Carnival : The Show Must Go On ⚡️

„⚡️ Potse Carnival : The Show Must Go On ⚡️

Because our houses and spaces are not to sell, because we believe in self organisation and non commercial projects, because we are not afraid to be loud against gentrification, we, Brujas Berlin & Potse want to take the street of Potse the 30th of January from 1pm on until sun goes down.

Let’s get together at Potse during an afternoon of Circus, Djanes, Performances, Fun and Silly Games, as such as Street Bowling, Musical chair, Piñata, Karaoke etc…
We will also have Hot Drinks and Warm Food all day long.

Please, bring your masks and respect each other’s distance.

Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or any kind of Cross-boundaries behavior won’t be tolerated.

Save the date, bring your fellows and support!!!

One Struggle, One Fight ⚡️Wir Bleiben Alle“

Quelle: Interkiezionale telegram channel /newsgroup, @interkiezionale, (vom 21.01.2021)

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Zur Potse:

Interkiezionale Vernetzung, Aktionsbündnis Berlin:
Termine in Berlin:

Lockdown capitalism

Demo am 23.01.2021 in Berlin:

Corona is the virus – capitalism is the pandemic
Siehe, Quelle:


Solidarität und Selbstorganisation als Antwort auf die Corona-Krise

Updates, Aufruf, Text:

Mehr Updates, Aktuelles:

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Demoroute: „Start: 15Uhr! Vor der JVA-Moabit (Alt Moabit)- Rathenowerstraße-Turmstraße-Lübeckerstraße-Birkenstraße-Putlitzstraße-Pulitzbrücke-Förerbrücke-Torfstraße-Sprengelstraße-Sparrstraße-Lynarstraße-Müllerstraße-Leopoldplatz-Schulstraße-Prinz Eugenstraße-Adolfstraße-Gerichtsstraße-Nettelbeckplatz-Ende“
Quelle: Ebd., s.o..


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Sehr guter Vortrag zum Thema Corona-Krise usw., von Thomas Ebermann – „Normalität, eine trostlose Hoffnung“:

Sowie; „Pandemie des Nationalismus“, von Thorsten Mense:

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Podcast zum Thema Coronakrise:

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Shutdown capitalism.

Hny 2021


Some tracks from nye

2021 can only get better.

Stay rude, stay rebel, stay or get healthy, take care, be aware, get the vaccine now.

Immunisation protection for anyone, everywhere.

Everything to everyone

No a la normalidad