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Video der Wagendemo 20.02.2021 Berlin

Mit freundlichsten Empfehlungen, tolle Demo:

„Published on Feb 21, 2021
Berlin is full of caravan sites that shape the neighborhoods and fill the streets with life. Our homes are organised in open, solidarity structures and offer space for collective togetherness. We stand for self-organised alternatives to a cityscape shaped by capitalist, exploitative logic. But hardly any place has a long-term perspective or secure contract. Almost all of them are constantly and acutely threatened by real estate speculation and the sell-out of the city by the Red-Red-Green Party. We are not alone in this – our neighbours and other self-organised projects, such as the Kiezkneipe Syndikat, Sabot Garden, DieselA and Liebig34, were evicted in 2020. We are in solidarity with all people who are threatened or affected by displacement! We fight for a city where housing is not a commodity!

For self-organised housing! For car life! Let’s take back the city!

DieselA, Köpi Wagenplatz, Scheffelstraße, Mollies, Laster & Hänger, Rummelplatz, Ratibor, Convoi , Kreuzdorf, Lohmühle, Wagen- u. Projektplatz Karpfenteich, -unterstrom+, Fips“

Wir sind solidarisch mit allen linken, antikapitalistischen Freiräumen.
Alle Wagenplätze und Orte link(salternativ)er (Sub)Kultur in Berlin erhalten und dauerhaft sichern! – in Berlin und anderswo, egal wo, überall.
Mehr Wagenleben, mehr Leben wagen. Mehr echte linke Freiräume aufbauen und verteidigen.
Haltet euch bereit für (jeden) Tag X, wie immer.
Passt auf euch auf. Bleibt gesund. Haltet euch fit.
Alle bleiben.
Kein Tag ohne.
Alles für alle.


Link zur Köpi:

Köpi bleibt.